Assessor's Tidbits

Assessment Change Notices
Assessment change notices are mailed out around the last week in February. The dates and times for the March Board of Review will be listed on the Assessment Change Notice. If you have any questions regarding your assessment please contact the assessor’s office. The March Board of Review is the first place you can protest your assessment. The March Board of Review also can hear protests of Tentative Taxable Value, Class Changes and Ag Exemptions. The July and December Boards of Review are held to correct Principal Residence Exemptions, Clerical Errors, Mutual Mistakes of Fact and to grant or deny Poverty and Veteran Exemptions.

Commercial/Industrial Personal Property
In the last two years there have been changes to the reporting requirements of the Commercial/Industrial personal property.

This exemption form HAS to be filed with the Assessor’s office by February 10th. Please call the assessor’s office if you have any questions as to if you qualify for the Exemption.

Disabled Veterans
In 2014 the State of Michigan passed legislation to grant exemptions from property tax for Disabled Veterans. If you are 100% Disabled and/ or 100% unemployable you may qualify. Contact your local Veterans Counselor, James H. Stringham, for information or call the assessor’s office.

Poverty Exemption
There is also an exemption for those who fall within the Federal Poverty Guidelines. If you think you may qualify for a poverty exemption please call the assessor’s office for instructions on how to file for this exemption at the March, July or December Board of Review meeting.

In 2016 we will be starting to do inspections of 20% of the parcels within the City. If your parcel is in the area we will be inspecting, we will be sending you a postcard letting you know we are on our way.