Fire & EMS

Department Details

The Fire Department has a budgeted staff of eight full-time employees, seven firefighters and one public safety director. The department provides the city with fire protection and medical response services, including advanced life support transport services.

In addition, firefighters conduct an active fire prevention program, conduct fire prevention and preplanning inspections, inspect the city’s fire hydrants and maintain the city’s 117-year-old fire station. All firefighters are specially trained for cold water and confined space rescue, and some hazmat operations.

Fire Station

The Manistee Fire Department has a long and proud history. It has serviced the residents of Manistee for more than 100 years. The current fire station is the oldest continuously operated fire station in Michigan.

Current Equipment

The City of Manistee Fire Department has several pieces of equipment that it uses in its fire suppression and emergency medical operations. In addition, the department maintains many smaller, yet no less important, devices such as thermal imaging cameras, automatic defibrillators and gas sensors.

Inspection Program

The Fire Department conducts a fire inspection program for commercial properties in the city. The purpose of the inspection is to ensure that buildings meet fire safety standards so that the occupants and public can be as safe as possible.

After an inspection, the Fire Department will work with the business to remedy any deficiencies in a timely fashion. The inspection form and inspection areas are provided so businesses can be proactive in their fire prevention efforts.

Youth Education

The City of Manistee is committed to keeping the public safe through education about various hazards. Toward this end, the Fire Department conducts an annual public education program for elementary students in the Manistee area public schools. It consists of one firefighter in each class providing information to our youth on fire prevention, safety and what to do in case of fire.

This program is extremely popular among students, parents and teachers. It is also effective. In at least one recent example, a child used the information learned in these classes to help their family escape a house fire.

Home Security

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About Mr. Bachman

Dave Bachman is the director of public safety and has over 30 years of law enforcement experience. Since 1997, he has been serving the citizens and visitors of Manistee. Chief Bachman has a master’s degree in public administration, is a graduate of the Police Staff and Command School and is also a graduate of the National FBI Academy. Chief Bachman recently completed Fire Fighter I and Fire Fighter II / Hazmat training. He has been with the city since 1997.