City Climate

Manistee’s weather is a source of constant conversation among residents and visitors alike. Latitude and Lake Michigan are the primary factors in determining Manistee climate. A moderate climate prevails with lake effect accounting for an average snowfall of 106 inches per year, and rainfall of 29 inches between March and November 1st. The average daytime temperature for June and July is 75 degrees, while December through February average is 23 degrees.

Current Weather 


The City of Manistee maintains a weather station at the Department of Public Works.  The current readings are below.

The City of Manistee also maintains a weather station at the Clean Water Recovery Facility.  The current readings are below.

2008 Manistee Flood Event

On Jun 12-13 2008, Manistee experienced an extremely significant weather event that included 80 mph wind gusts and 6-8 inches of rain. Damage was widespread and this storm system ultimately resulted in the area being declared a disaster area by FEMA. A very detailed analysis of the event was conducted by the NWS Gaylord office.

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