The city has a variety of departments. Each department has a great deal of autonomy, which is expected given the very disparate types of services that they provide. However, each department works closely with the other departments to ensure smooth service delivery and elimination of redundancy. Weekly department head meetings ensure that all departments are coordinating and serve as a venue for information sharing between departments.


The city assessor is an administrative officer appointed by the City Council. The assessor is responsible for property tax administration, valuation and record-keeping for real and personal property in the city.

Building Inspection Services

Effective May 16, 2019 the City of Manistee transferred building inspection services to SAFEbuilt, Inc.

City Manager

Appointed by the City Council, the city manager is the chief administrative officer for the City of Manistee.

City Clerk

The city clerk is responsible for administering all federal, state, county and local (including school) elections held in the City of Manistee.

Financial Services

The financial services department is responsible for all financial activities in the city, with three main areas of responsibility: finance, treasury and information technology.

Fire & EMS

The fire department provides the city with fire protection and medical response services, including advanced life support transport services.

Parks & Recreation

The parks department is responsible for maintaining all of the city’s parks, park facilities, the Riverwalk and beaches.

Planning & Zoning Department

The planning and zoning department works with developers, enforces the provisions of the zoning ordinance, works with the historic district commission, and oversees the rental program.

Police Department

The police department is a young, progressive department with many plans for the future. The department works in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies and rescue services to provide the best service to the community and its guests.

Public Works

The public works department provides such services as snow plowing, sanding, street repairs, traffic control, tree trimming, chipping, leaf pick-up, brush collection, park maintenance, flooding the ice rink, making compost, fleet maintenance, beach grooming and public area maintenance, to name just a few.

Rental Inspection Services

In July 2020 the rental inspection program was turned over to SAFEbuilt, Inc. who assumed responsibility for the program. 


The waste water treatment plant currently treats approximately 350 million gallons of wastewater each year from the City of Manistee and surrounding areas.


The water maintenance and distribution department is responsible for maintaining both water distribution and water treatment for the City.
The city also has Engineering and Legal Departments that it has outsourced to private vendors.