Posted on: January 8, 2018

Snow Plowing & Salting Information

Snow Plow Truck

For the past several weeks, Manistee has received substantial snow fall with extremely cold temperatures.  When the surface temperatures fall below 20 degrees F, snow tends to form a hard pack on the street surfaces.  Salt is typically used to chemically break the bond between the pavement and snow, however straight salt (sodium chloride) loses its effectiveness below 15 degrees F.

As temperatures have warmed up, the hard pack has loosen up and the chemical reactions are now working.  As the City Streets are being plowed, the hard pack is coming up off the streets.  This results in very heavy snow being plowed in large quantities.  Unfortunately it impacts parked cars on the streets and driveway entrances.  

Adhering to the alternate parking ordinance is essential to allowing the streets to be maintained properly.

Plowing must occur at this time to remove the accumulated snow and slush.  We are preparing for potential of temperatures reaching the 40’s Wednesday and Thursday and significant rain in the forecast.

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