How will I know if my water is safe to drink?

Since having lead in your drinking water is directly related to when your home was built, the service line and interior plumbing materials…it’s important to understand 

What sources of lead are in your home? 

            How lead gets into drinking water? 

            How you can reduce your exposure to lead in drinking water?    

And to know about lead levels in the water at your home, we encourage you to test your water at your home. Please contact the City of Manistee DPW 231-723-7132 for a list of certified laboratories or the local health department 231-723-3595.

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1. Is my water safe to drink?
2. Why did the City issue a Public Advisory about lead in our water now?
3. What does this mean for me?
4. Where can I get a filter?
5. How will I know if my water is safe to drink?
6. What is the city doing about this issue?
7. I’m not sure if I have a lead service line. What should I do?