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City Garage - Gene Kott Municipal Service Building


  1. Parking

The Gene Kott Municipal Service Building was Built 1972.  The Department of Public Works took occupancy of the facility in 1973. This building houses the D.P.W. Administrative Offices, the D.P.W. Department, the Parks Department and the Water Department. 

The building provides indoor storage for all the Department of Public Works Equipment and vehicles.  Building amenities include an area for the mechanic to work on equipment, a welding area, and paint shop.  Employee lockers and lunchroom are on the second floor along with a small storage area.   The main garage area is accessed by two garage doors on each end of the bay.  There are several garage doors on the north side of the building that access separate bays used by the various departments. 

The roof was replaced in 1988/89.  1992 the existing space heating system was replaced.  In 2000 New barrier free entry and glass vestibule was added to rear of building.  In 2010, the building was networked to City Hall.