• Historical photo of a fully loaded lumber ship from the N.O. Nessen Lumber Company
  • Historical Photo of the Lumber Mills as seen on Manistee Lake with logs in the water and buildings all around
  • Historical photoing showing logs that had been floated down the rivers to Manistee Lake for processing at the Lumber Mills alroundManistee Lake
  • Historical photo showing horses pulling a sled piled high with huge logs in the winter time with workers in the background
  • Historical photo of the Buckley - Douglas Mill with piles of lumber stacked in neat rows around their huge building on Manistee Lake
  • Historical Photo of early salt mills on Manistee Lake showing the tall wooden structures used for drilling the wells
  • A worker is seen shoveling salt that is piled to the ceiling in a warehouse at the Morton Salt Company plan in  Manistee Michigan
  • Historical photo of workers who are at their stations filling containers of salt at the Ruggles and Rademaker Salt Plant Workers
  • Historical photo of men working in the salt mines they are pulling carts by hand and a large stockpile of salt is seen in the background
  • Historical photo of the Morton Salt Company factory in Manistee Michigan cars are parked in front of the large brick building with the iconic smokestack in the background
  • This historical photo shows a crane on rails that is used to stack piles of cut lumber into piles that appear to be over twenty feet high with workers placing the logs  on top of the stack

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