• Undated historical photos of a wooden sail boat entering Manistee Harbor and a steam boat exiting harbor with the lighthouse in the background
  • Photos of net shed and nets on the Manistee River Channel with men working on the dock with a boat and manufacturing buildings in the background
  • Old photo of a man and woman in a wooden Century Viking these wooden boats were manufactured in Manistee Michigan
  • Historical Photo of the Century Boat Building on Manistee River Channel where they manufactured wooden boats
  • Tatutug Submarine as seen in the Manistee River Channel.  On November 15, 1959 she was sold to the Bultema Dock and Dredge Company of Manistee, Michigan for scrap
  • Steamship Missouri a US Mail ship is seen entering the Manistee Harbor in this historical photo
  • Historical photo of a ship  docked on the south shore of the Manistee River Channel
  • A line of schooners is seen in the Manistee River Channel in this photo taken circa 1926
  • Historical photo of the Manistee River Channel with steamers docked and boat traffic on a calm day
  • Historical photo of the JT Wing sail boat in full sail on a windy day between the pier heads in Manistee Michigan

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