Water Maintenance and Distribution Department
The Water Department is operated by three servicemen under the supervision of the Department of Public Works' director. The servicemen are licensed with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) in both water distribution and water treatment. 

The Water Maintenance and Distribution Department is responsible for maintaining this system and provides a wide variety of services including: 
  • Daily and monthly water quality sampling
  • Chemical treatment of water
  • Cross connections
  • Flushing program
  • Installation and maintenance of fire hydrants
  • MDEQ compliance
  • Maintenance and repair of water lines and mains
  • Marking water lines for Miss Dig
  • Operation of water towers
  • Reading and installation of water meters for billing
  • Turn on / off water service
  • Valve exercise program
  • Well and pump maintenance
Requests for service, including service turn-off, service turn-on, low pressure, rusty water, meter read or reread, meter replacement and new service install should be directed to the Water Service Department at (231) 723-2559. 


Questions about your bill, transferring an account, establishing a new account, rental account information and payment options should be directed to the Utility Billing Department at (231) 723-2559.We offer two ways to electronically process water and sewer payments. The most convenient is through the use of an auto-draft feature. You provide us with your financial information, and your monthly bill is automatically deducted from your account. No more missed payments! This is especially useful for seasonal residents and anyone else who wants one less thing to remember. To sign up, please return the auto debit enrollment form to City Hall. 

The second method for paying is by credit card by using our online bill feature. Simply look up your bill online and make payment via credit card. Transaction and convenience fees apply.  Make payments here


The City of Manistee provides water for city residents and some surrounding areas. The city prides itself on the quality of its water and was awarded the 2010 State-Wide Best Tasting Water award by the Michigan Rural Water Association. The city also won Regional Best Tasting Water awards in 1991, 1995 and 1996. The City of Manistee is required by the State of Michigan to issue an annual Water Quality Report.  

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Supply & Storage

Manistee pumps approximately 400 million gallons of water per year. The water is supplied by four wells, three of which are located south of the city limits off Tamarack Street and one is located north of the city at Manistee Blacker Airport. 
Water is stored in two 500,000-gallon water storage towers. The Maywood Tower is located in the southeast section of the city on Maywood Street. The Industrial Park Tower is located in the city’s industrial park on the northwest side of the city. 

Distribution & Treatment

The City of Manistee operates a complex network of pipes and valves that allow water to be distributed to residents and businesses. The entire system of wells and pumps is computer monitored and controlled. 

The water is chemically treated with sodium hypochlorite (chlorine) for disinfection, fluorosilicic acid (fluoride) that, when ingested, enhances teeth and bone structure and phosphate, which is used to precipitate iron out of the drinking water and control “red water” issues.

The water department has a rich history which began when it entered into a contract with the Water Works Company in 1882.