What is the city doing about this issue?

We’re taking a proactive approach to assess our water quality and our current treatment processes, as well as notify and educate our customers. Since 1994, the City of Manistee has regularly tested for lead and copper. In 2019, the City began actively searching for lead service lines in the system through the drinking water pilot program. When lead services are found, they are immediately replaced. The City has recently been awarded a Drinking Water Asset Management grant from EGLE which will also help identify areas in need of upgrades. This grant will fund water system inventory (GIS), GPS asset survey for future work, distribution system material inventory and investigation, condition assessment and rate sufficiency analysis.

 We will be collecting more samples and will be actively looking for lead service lines. Homes with lead service lines have an increased risk for higher lead levels. Please contact 231-723-7132 if you do not know what your service line material is and are interested in having your home inspected.

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1. Is my water safe to drink?
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6. What is the city doing about this issue?
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