What are the goals of the BRA and how does it achieve them?
The goals of the BRA apply primarily to Brownfield redevelopment of commercial, industrial, multi-family residential and mixed-use properties, not to single family residential developments or renovations. The main goals of our BRA, similarly to other BRAs in Michigan, are:
• Clean up contaminated sites to facilitate their redevelopment. This was the original goal of the Michigan’s Brownfield legislation. Due to its industrial history in the late 1800s and early 1900s, Manistee has many contaminated properties mostly in the Downtown area and along the east site of the City on Manistee Lake. We have focused most, not all of our efforts and funding we have received from the US EPA and State of Michigan on these two areas.
• Minimize blight, reduce sprawl, increase residential density and enhance neighborhood quality and appeal. Due to the requirements of the available Federal/State funding, the BRA actively directs such funding to the redevelopment of properties in built-up areas where commercial and industrial properties are located.
• Increase economic activity and tax revenues, and retain or create jobs. To achieve this goal the BRA pursues and coordinates Local and State financial resources (State grants and loans, tax abatements, and Tax Increment Financing) on behalf of existing and new firms that locate at, or expand their operations in the City.
• Minimize the financial burden to the City of supporting Brownfield redevelopment efforts. To that end, the BRA has brought over $1,240,000 in Federal and State grants to the City to assist property owners and firms that choose to invest in contaminated or blighted properties in the City.

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