• Historical Photo of the Manistee and North East Inspection Car also know as a railway motor car, putt-putt, track maintenance car, crew car, Jigger, trike, quad, trolley or as a draisine
  • Historical Photo of the locomotive Ferguson that derailed and is seen lying on its side with workers in the background
  • Historical photo of the men who were referred to as Track Layers who worked on the Manistee and Northeaster Rail Road in Manistee
  • Historical Photo of a trail going over a  Railroad Bridge that is labeled Manistee and Northeastern Rail Road
  • Historical photo of Manistee and NOrth Eastern Rail Road Workers standing in front of a locomotive in the winter with snow on the ground
  • Historical photo of Manistee North Eastern Rail Road Locomotive as seen at a logging camp with workers standing in the background and cut trees in the foreground as the train goes by
  • Historical Photo of Manistee North Eastern Trail as it rolls down the tracks in a towns
  • Locomotive as seen coming through a railroad bridge towards the camera

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