• Historical Photo of the paving River St early 1900 workers with wheelbarrows are seen working along with heavy equipment of the era
  • River Street in Downtown Manistee as seen in 1920 that shows a trolley near the Poplar Street intersection
  • Historical Photo of Manistee Manufacturing Co located on the Manistee River Channel with the old Maple Street Bridge
  • Historical photo of Hotel Northern located on Washington Street with canvas awnings hanging over is the sidewalk
  • Postcard of the former Hotel Chippewa in Manistee Michigan
  • Historical photos of employees of AH Lyman Drug Co circa 1900 women are wearing boxing gloves and the gentlemen are sharing a drink
  • 1951 Easter snowstorm that shows large piles of snow and a person pushing out a vehicle stuck in the snow
  • River Street Christmas c. 1930 with snow on the road a a light dusting of snow on vehicles, Christmas decorations are strung across the street from light posts in the night time photo
  • River Street circa 1955 looking east from the Maple Street Intersection cars are parked along both sides of the streets and shoppers are walking the sidewalks
  • Old photo of River Street taken from a rooftop that over looks the activity on the street with people shopping, horses and carts are seen along the street as canvas awnings hang over the sidewalk
  • River Street as seen in this undated photo cars are parked on the street and the rails for the trolley are seen going down the center of the street
  • Looking Southwest on River Street circa 1890 horses and carts are seen in the photo with the Haley Sisters Building  and A.H. Lyman Store
  • Maple Street looking North where construction work is taking place on the Maple Street Bridge
  • Undated photo of River Street  that shows cars from the 1940's parked on the street
  • Early photo of River Street  where men are working on the street with a wagon
  • Photo of River Street circa 1900 that shows a busy street with lots of people and a two car trolley in the center of the street
  • Black and white photo of a band marching down River Street with the sidewalks full of spectators
  • View of Maple Street taken from a roof top that shows cars driving by the Ramsdell Theater and the First Congregational Church in the background
  • Photo taken from a second story window showing spectators on both sides of the street watch as a marching band performs behind floats going down River Street
  • A parade was held for the dedication of Memorial Bridge photo shows children with sashes walking down the street as spectators watch from the sidewalk
  • River Street as seen in 1940 with vehicle parked on both sides of the street and pedestrians crossing the street
  • Intersection of River and Maple Street looking south that shows the Ramsdell Building  and Lucas & Nungessor Block building
  • Intersection River and Maple
  • Photo from circa 1930 of Maple Street showing cars parked along the streets
  • Photo from circa 1938 showing people boarding the trolley on River Street in downtown Manistee near the intersection of Maple and River Street
  • Photo taken circa 1938 looking west on River Street near the intersection of Division and River Street cars are parked along both sides of the street
  • Both cars and horses are seen on both sides of the street with the trolley tracks in the  middle as you look east on River Street in downtown Manistee towards the Manistee County Bank in this historical photo
  • Two fire trucks are the focal point of the spectators who were in attendance for this parade that took place on River Street  in downtown Manistee in this undated photograph
  • Historical photo of street construction on River Street in front of the A.H. Lyman building as shoppers walk past the workers
  • Undated historical photo of downtown Manistee with cars parked on the street, awnings handing over the sidewalk and old fashioned metal electrical poles.
  • The streets of River Street in downtown Manistee are lined with spectators who watch floats that are being pulled by horses during this summer parade in an undated photo

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