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Downtown Restroom Building


  1. Drinking Water
  2. Public Restrooms
  3. Universal Accessibility

From the moment you set foot in Historic Downtown Manistee it is obvious that this is a special place.   The City of Manistee has a unique Central Business District that has the distinction of being on the National State Register of Historic Places.  The street, is a winding course determined by the bends of the Manistee River which it parallels, creates a unique urban character, a continuously changing stage site for view a “canon” of finely detailed two and tree story Victorian Commercial brick buildings dating from 1870 to 1910.

The City had recognized the need for Public Restrooms in Historic Downtown; and as part of the Streetscape project public restrooms were constructed in 2000.  Extreme care and detail were made for the structure to fit between two Contributing Historic Buildings.  The building was designed with access from both River Street and Filer Street and set back from the front of the adjoining buildings on River Street providing a small courtyard.  An iron and glass canopy provides some protection from the elements.